Choosing Your Surgeon

This is an excerpt of copy I wrote under contract from a design agency for a surgeon’s website.

Selecting your surgeon is a very personal and important decision. You are entrusting them with your body and physical well being. In fact, rarely in life do you ever place as much trust in someone as you do your surgeon.

Dr. Khoury and the team at SKS Surgical understand this completely, and we place ourselves in your shoes every step of the way – from our first meeting with you all the way through your successful recovery – to make sure you understand and are at ease with the entire process.

For most people, the process of selecting a surgeon usually begins with a referral from your doctor, but it rarely ends there. Next, you’ll probably talk to friends and family, asking around to see if anyone you know has had the procedure you’ll be having. Then, you’ll likely ask them two key questions:

  • Who was your surgeon?
  • How was the procedure and the recovery?

You’ll likely spend a lot time researching your condition and the recommended treatments and procedures, weighing your medical options. You’ll look up surgeons on your own, read about their training and experience, what school they went to, any awards and publications they have, and how long they’ve been practicing. Then you’ll look up reviews online from other patients of theirs.

You’ll want to understand why you’re having the procedure. Is it really necessary? What are your options? What will the surgery entail, and what sort of recovery can you expect? Most of all, you need confidence in your surgeon. So once you’ve narrowed the list down, you’ll want to personally meet with your prospective surgeon.

After all of your research, it is your face to face meeting and conversation with your surgeon that will give you the confidence that they have the training, experience, and competence you’re looking for, and a personality and disposition you’re comfortable with.

It is our goal at SKS Surgical Group to make sure we provide you with all of the information and interactions you need to decide for yourself if Dr. Khoury is the right surgeon for you.

Technology: Robot Surgery Means Less Pain and a Faster Recovery

Dr. Khoury stays professionally trained on the cutting edge of medical technology, making sure that his patients have every advantage possible when it comes to effective, minimally invasive surgical procedures with quick recoveries. One such technology he is specially trained in is robotic surgery.

Features and Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Using the da Vinci Surgical System® Dr. Khoury performs a variety of complex procedures with more control, precision, efficiency, and flexibility than is possible with conventional surgical procedures and techniques. During a surgery, Dr. Khoury controls every movement of the robot as it makes extremely small incisions and performs complex maneuvers in any direction.

Benefits to patients include more precise surgical procedures, shorter hospitalization, and quicker recoveries with less pain.

Flexibility beyond the human hand

The daVinci Surgical System uses EndoWrist® Instrumentation, which provides a range of motion much greater than the human hand. This greatly increases Dr. Khoury’s dexterity during a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Robotically enhanced motion

Using Intuitive® Motion, the da Vinci Surgical System converts the Dr. Khoury’s movements into more precise and scaled motions performed by the robotic arms and instruments.

3D High Def Vision

The da Vinci Surgical System provides up to 10x magnification in a 3-dimensional, enhanced high-definition view. This gives Dr. Khoury and his team an unparalleled visual during your surgery, precisely targeting anatomy in a way that is unavailable with conventional open surgery and laparoscopy.

Unparalleled safety

The da Vinci Surgical System performs over one million safety checks per second, constantly enhancing the safety and reliability of your surgical procedure.

Two doctors working simultaneously

For some procedures, two doctors are better than one, and with the da Vinci Surgical System’s dual console capability, Dr. Khoury is able to work simultaneously with a second surgeon when it’s best for you. In these situations, as a patient you benefit from having two doctors with different specialties collaborate during your surgery.