Are you using Messenger bots to get more customers?
If not, you’re losing valuable sales!

We’ll build you a bot that will start bringing you more customers in 30 days… on AUTOPILOT. 


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Learn how you can start getting more customers in 30 days with a custom built Facebook Messenger Bot for your business.

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Are you using Messenger bots to get more customers?
If not, you’re losing valuable sales!

We’ll build you a bot that will start bringing you more customers in 30 days… on AUTOPILOT. 

Demo A Facebook Messenger Bot

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is a Mesenger bot?

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What is a Messenger bot?

Automating Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth with “bots”

Get new customers and get more sales from existing customers.

You have sales people, whether a whole team or just yourself.

You probably have a Facebook page for your business, BUT…

  • You only have 24 hours in a day, and…
  • Social media can seem like a waste of time, right?


BUT… What if a chunk of your your sales process and your social media efforts could be put on AUTOPILOT?

Imagine and army of sales people WORKING FOR YOU FOR FREE 24-7… on autopilot!

100’s and even 1000’s of simultaneous automated conversations happening with prospects and existing customers = more customers on autopilot = more sales!!!

Businesses of any size can…

  • Get more customers and increase sales
    Grow by orders of magnitude the efficiency of your marketing time and dollars.
  • You don’t have to be a huge company with huge budgets
    It used to cost upwards of $100,000 for this tech, but recent developments have changed the game. You can now have this tech for a fraction of the cost!


Super convenient for your prospects and customers

You won’t be spamming them. This all happens:

  • At their convenience
  • On their schedule
  • Right inside of their phone
  • And right inside of an app that they are likely already using everyday


What this is not!

  • This is not email marketing … Where your emails hardly ever get read
  • This is not text message marketing … Which is only a one way conversation
  • This is not you spending hours on social media

What this is!

A 2 way conversation on autopilot, with your prospects and customers!

  • Target customers based on what they say they want
  • Pre-qualify customers
  • Get new customers and upsell current customers
I’m Ready. I want a bot. What’s next?

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How Messenger WINS for your business!

Over 1.3 billion people use Messenger each month.

2 Billion

messages sent between people and businesses each month, including both automated and people-initiated messages.


of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.*


monthly active bots on the Messenger platform and counting, but that’s a tiny percent of overall businesses on Facebook.

Why Messenger beats email as a marketing tool

This is not to say email marketing is dead. Email is good. Messenger marketing just simply has much higher open and click through rates, which is why you cannot skip on Messenger as a marketing tool, especially if you’re already doing email.

Email and Messenger: A side by side comparison

Average open rates:
Email = Only 20%
Messenger = 80% and higher Average click-through rates
Email = 5%
Messenger = Over 20%

Email Open & Click Through Rates

Leaves much to be desired 🙁

Email open rates:
Only 20% if your lucky.

Click through rates:
Under 5%.


Messenger Open & Click Through Rates

Over 4X more than email 🙂

Messenger Open Rates:
Over 80%.

Click through rates:
Over 20%

Think about it.

From your personal experience, you probably already know that the following is true:

  • Email is getting overcrowded.
  • People are tired of “opting ing” with their email address, and completely ignore marketing emails on average 80% of the time.
  • Some people even give an email address they never check when opting in.
  • Opting into Messenger is way easier than opting into email.
  • Messenger marketing makes ads cheaper because you’re keeping  your leads in the Facebook ecosystem.
  • Messenger is completely mobile optimized, and most people are using their phones for all things online now.
  • You get all of their REAL data, and more of it when using Messenger.
  • Messenger is instant gratification along a faster customer journey because it’s a 2-way conversation, not a send a message or email and wait experience.

Messenger provides more instant gratification for your audience

  • Messenger is super easy.
  • No need for your prospect to give an email address. Facebook already has it and gives it to you.
  • Instant replies and conversation lead to a more gratifying customer and user experience.

So where does the AUTOMATION come in? How does all this happen on AUTOPILOT?

Facebook Messenger BOTS are pre-programmed sequences of dialogue.

Segment your audience and send the right messages to the right people!

Let customers tell you exactly want they want to buy. Target them by interest, past purchases, industry ….almost anything!

Engage them in multiple ongoing conversations, nurturing the relationship from prospect to customer, and increasing revenue per customer!

And once the bot is configured…


Use Cases for Messenger Bots

  • Promote your business in general
  • Send out scheduled sequences
    • Promote special sales, subscriber-only deals, one time offers
    • Informative messages that go out on a regular basis
    • Daily / Weekly tips (like “Tuesday Tax Tips” or “Car Fix Fridays”)
    • Customer testimonials
    • Anything else of interest to your customer base
  • Influence existing customers to spend more money with you
  • Localize content per part of town
  • Contests to win prizes inside of Messenger
  • Incentivize referrals

How to get people on your Messenger

  • Embed a facebook messenger chat widget on your site
  • Add Send to Messenger buttons to your landing pages (like on this page)
  • Send messages on your Facebook page to connect in Messenger
  • Send out direct links to chats in your emails, email signatures, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Put the facebook messenger scan codes on flyers, mail-outs, and brochures
  • Facebook comment to Messenger (sends people to Messenger by commenting on a Facebook post)
  • Run contests in Messenger for discounted services
  • Link Facebook ads to a Messenger bot instead of a landing page
I’m Ready. I want a bot. What’s next?

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What we do for you

  • 1

    Discovery Phase

    We meet with you to learn your specific business goals, needs, and problems.

  • 2

    Build your Messenger bot

    We have a variety of packages to meet your budget, from Starter bots to intensive bots with multiple sequences of conversations and third party integrations.

  • 3

    Integrate your bot with your website and other marketing

    If you need a new website or a redesigned website, we can help there also. Either way, we integrate your Messenger bot with your website, advertising, and other marketing efforts.

  • 4

    Generate sales and leads on AUTOPILOT – Your perfect sales funnel!

    We test and tweak  your Messenger bot and other marketing efforts to make the perfect sales funnel for you. Once everything is tested and optimized, we simply work with you to send more traffic to your automated customer-getting funnel!

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