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According to Google, you’re losing business if you don’t have a mobile optimized website.


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Make sure you’re not losing out when people view your site on their smartphone

If you’ve ever searched the internet on your smartphone, you already know there are two different types of sites when it comes to viewing on a phone – the effective ones and the ineffective ones.

The ineffective ones are the ones that are nothing more than miniature versions of your full website. But when shrunk down to the size of a smartphone’s 3″ screen, the text and links are so small, you can hardly read anything without having too pinch out everything to make it bigger. But when you do that, now the most important parts of your website are off the screen – the Contact Us button. Websites not optimized for mobile viewing flat out lose customers for businesses and are completely non-user-friendly for churches and other organizations.

On the other hand, the effective mobile websites are those optimized for the smaller smartphone screen. Everything is rearranged for easy viewing, the text is bigger, the buttons are centered and columned nicely and most importantly, the Contact Us feature is in the form of a button that stands out prominently on the screen. You don’t have to be mobile marketing guru to understand how much better this is. It just makes sense.

Unfortunately, many websites today are still not optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones. And like many things, you often don’t realize when things are done right, but you definitely know when things are done wrong. Your customers, members or audience are no different.

Without a doubt, the world has gone mobile, and those who aren’t keeping up are getting left behind. At 41st Year Media, we can help you put together a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy that includes a mobile website.

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